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The Return of the Elm: Status of Elms in the Nursery Industry

  • Keith Warren


J. Frank Schmidt and Son Co. (and other nurseries) is playing a leading role in the comeback of elms, and intends to make available the best of the new cultivar introductions. As the breeding and improvement of elms is presently an area of great activity, it is anticipated that the “top choices” among cultivars will be in a state of frequent change for a number of years. Here, I summarize the status of cultivars in production or intended for production at Schmidt Nursery, and make some predictions for their future use. Elms of present horticultural importance in the U.S. belong to four main groups: Chinese elm (U. parvifolia), Asian elms other than U. parvifolia, European and European-Asian hybrids, and American elm (U. americana).


Europe Bark Stake Rounded Sawdust 


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