The Management of Projects as a Generic Business Process

  • Graham M. Winch


Perspectives derived from business process analysis and reengineering have become very influential in management research and practice over the last few years. The proposition of the chapter will be that the management of projects is a generic business process across a large number of industrial sectors ranging from cars to construction, and film to pharmaceuticals, and that defining the management of projects in information processing terms is central to its more widespread acceptance as a key management discipline.

Drawing upon BT’s multi-level approach to business process analysis, the chapter will identify five principal project processes - defining the project mission; mobilising the resource base; riding the project life-cycle; leading the project coalition; and maintaining the resource base. These will be illustrated by reference to a variety of case studies of managing projects in a variety of industries. In conclusion, the chapter will advocate the place of the management of projects amongst the existing business disciplines, and indicate the ways in which it is at the core of the issues in the management of innovation.


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