Fundamental of the Subsurface System

  • Gourt-Tsyh Yeh


This book along with its companion book (Yeh, 1999) are concerned with the mathematical description and numerical modeling of subsurface media. It is about the subsurface media that control the movement of fluids (including water, nonaqueous liquids, and gas), the migration of chemicals, the transfer of heat, and the deformation of media. It is about the physical laws that describe the flux of fluid, heat, and chemicals, and the relationship between stress and strain. It is about the chemical reactions along with fluid flows. It is about the biological interaction within the flow and thermal domain and among chemical constituents. It is about numerical methods needed to conduct simulations of both fluid flows and advection-dominant transport. In short, the study of the subsurface system is the investigation of major processes occurring in the subsurface and the interplay of these processes with the media through which they occur. Understanding the mechanisms controlling the occurrence of these processes and their interplay is the ultimate goal of this book because it provides a method for the prediction of the occurrence of these processes in the media. To make this goal possible, accurate numerical methods to efficiently and accurately approximate mathematical descriptions are of ultimate importance. Extensive coverage of finite element methods used in fluid flows was provided in a companion book (Yeh, 1999). The hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian approaches best suited to deal with advection-dominant transport are included in this book.


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