Unemployment and Reemployment

  • Clifford L. Broman
  • V. Lee Hamilton
  • William S. Hoffman
Part of the Plenum Studies in Work and Industry book series (SSWI)


When people think of a plant closing, what comes to mind first is loss of jobs. Second, we tend to reflect on the workers’ limited chances to gain new jobs of any quality. When the employer is a giant like GM, however, even job loss is not so necessary or so automatic as it might at first seem. Unlike small companies, GM can boast other plants to which workers might be sent and other jobs they might be able to fill. Therefore, a first question in the case of plant closings by an industrial giant is deceptively simple: Did workers lose jobs, and if so, how many? Did the losers regain jobs, and if so, where? We turn to these facts next. Because of their general importance in the sociological literature and their role in our own data, we pay special attention here to how blacks and women fared, in comparison to their white, male counterparts.


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