Morphology, Habitat Use, and Life History

  • William J. Matthews


Previous chapters have focused on progressively smaller scales in space and time, from global-continental-deep evolutionary phenomena to regional or local, extant phenomena, and have addressed factors like disturbance and stress that filter species for local habitats. This chapter addresses the morphology of individual species and the ways physical abilities of fishes interact with the variation in their habitat (both structural and hydraulic) to place species in particular microhabitats in a stream or lake. This chapter also addresses ways that morphology of fishes and environmental conditions in their habitats influence feeding, patch choice, movement, and migration, as well as reproduction, growth, mortality, and related life-history features. This chapter includes topics that seem superficially quite different, but all address the ways that the unique ecology of a given species (autecology), independent of other species, influences its presence or abundance in a local assemblage.


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