More Applications of MM of Development

  • Viktor V. Ivanov
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 28)


Besides MM of ES applications considered earlier, we dwell here on the following:
  1. i)

    Modeling of plant development

  2. ii)

    Modeling of animal development

  3. iii)

    Modeling of business development

  4. iv)

    Space crew as ES

  5. v)

    Health care as ES

  6. vi)

    Formalization of civilization conception

  7. vii)

    A few addenda: 1. New computers as ES. 2. Science as ES. 3. Education as ES. 4. MM of cells as ES. 5. MM of bio-fields as ES 6. Modeling of natural ES origin problems. 7. Modeling of life longevity problems.



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