Developments in Wireless Communications — Navigating the Regulatory Morass

  • Lawrence J. Movshin
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As the United States, and indeed the international communications community, moves toward the development of ubiquitous wireless communications facilities and services, complex and often difficult regulatory issues dealing with the allocation of spectrum and the regulation of the marketplace for these communications networks will be addressed by the Federal Communications Commission, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the United States Congress, and even the various and diverse state public utilities commissions. Since the availability of mobile communications will necessarily be spectrum driven, the federal government will need to prioritize the available opportunities in making available new spectrum — or limiting access to existing spectrum — for newer technologies. And as wireless communications networks and service providers begin to provide effective competition to the wired telecommunications network, regulators will be faced with difficult choices in assuring universal service at reasonable rates while encouraging advanced communications facilities for their constituents. This paper will explore the state of regulation in the United States in the wireless information arena, looking initially at the activities of the FCC, NTIA, and Congress in allocating spectrum and setting standards for mobile communications networks.


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