What Problems Does One Encounter with the Packaging of Frozen Foods?

  • Arthur Hirsch


A 21: In addition to all the problems present in ordinary food packaging, there are several exclusively related to frozen food. Low temperature (about 10-20°F) retards bacterial degradation. Under these circumstances the packaging material is not called upon to furnish the type of protection required for refrigerated foods. The primary function of the package is thus relegated to “contain” and “display.” The package may be as simple as a polyethylene bag or a waxed box. These materials provide the primary protection required—moisture barrier. The atmosphere in the freezer case is relatively dry. Products placed in this environment are in danger of drying out—freezer burn. Packaging materials with good MVTR are thus required to overcome the moisture loss tendency. Polyolefins and waxes are prime contenders for this service.


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