Celiac axis infusion (CAI) chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer

  • K. R. Aigner
  • F. Benthin
  • H. Müller
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 55)


Long-term prognosis of gastric cancer patients mainly depends on early diagnosis. Patients submitted to surgery in advanced stages III and IV do not have more than a 10% 5-year survival expectancy [4]. Although gastric cancer has been proved to be chemosensitive [2,3,5,7], and the rationale for adjuvant chemotherapy is therefore well established, there are no sufficient data so far to demonstrate any substantial benefit in survival. To date radical surgery for early gastric cancer remains the only therapeutic modality with a significant cure rate. It has been the objective of this pilot study to find out whether increased local drug concentrations, given via the arterial route through the celiac axis, lead to higher local response rates than systemic chemotherapy, and therefore potentially induce backstaging of the loco-regional tumor burden.


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  • F. Benthin
  • H. Müller

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