Experiments Reprinted from The Science of Photobiology, First Edition

  • Kendric C. Smith
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The following pages are a reprinting of about a dozen pages from the first edition of The Science of Photobiology. As noted in the preface, this lab manual has been designed to be a companion to the second edition of The Science of Photobiology. This second edition does not contain laboratory experiments. The first edition, on the other hand, contained several relatively brief sketches of experiments at the end of each chapter. Many of these are quite simple, straightforward, and instructive exercises that are still very useable. Therefore, with Dr. Smith’s and Plenum’s generous approval, we have reprinted those pages here.


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Section 4.6

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Section 6.4

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Section 8.11

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Section 11.7

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Section 13.12

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Section 14.12

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