Physics and Applications of Pseudosparks

Volume 219 of the series NATO ASI Series pp 331-341

Plasma-Based Device Concepts Based on the Pseudospark and BLT

  • Martin A. GundersenAffiliated withDepartment of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics, University of Southern California

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This chapter discusses several new approaches to the development of practical plasma based devices needed to test and develop concepts for plasma based accelerators, electromagnetic sources, and related devices such as plasma lenses. Although there has been considerable simulation effort, there are very few practical devices, and the realization of such devices is one of the most important limitations in the further development of plasma-based devices for applications. These concepts are based on recent results wherein a uniform, high repetition rate, pulse repeatable, high density plasma source has been developed, and a very high emission cathode has been demonstrated in the hollow cathode pseudospark-type device. Applications to electron beam devices, accelerators, and electromagnetic wave sources are considered.