Effects Due to Negative Ions and Particles in Plasmas

  • Alan Garscadden
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 220)


This paper considers some of the varied effects that may occur in electronegative plasmas, plasmas containing particles, and the effects of the negative ions and particles on the plasma properties and plasma chemistry. Important work relating to the topics has been given recently by Mandich and Reents (1989) on the reactions of silicon clusters with SiD4; by Emeleus and Breslin (1970) on the influence of dust in discharge positive columns, and by Gibson (1966) on ionization phenomena in gas-particle plasmas. The chemistry and atom-atom recombination promoted by the presence of particles has been considered by Gould and Salpeter (1963) and by Herbst and Klemperer (1973) with relevance to the formation and depletion of molecules in interstellar space. Ferreira et al (1988) have analyzed quasi-neutral columns in electronegative gases.


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