The Quality Assurance of Superconducting Wire and Cable for SSC Magnets

  • Douglas A. Pollock
  • Penny Baggett
  • Donald CaponeII


The success of the SSC depends on the consistency and uniformity of the superconducting magnets used in the main collider rings and the high energy booster. To a great extent the success of the magnets depends upon the quality of the superconductor wire and cable used in coil windings. As the SSC project has begun its transition from Research to Development, a new laboratory organization has been established to carry the design requirements from concept to reality. The SSCL Magnet Systems Division Quality Assurance Group has been working on the development of a quality management and analysis system for insuring superconductor uniformity through the understanding and control of manufacturing variation. Key areas of the QA activity include: 1.) the design and development of a computer database and analysis system for the collection and statistical analysis of superconductor materials data (containing: source physical and chemical properties, billet process history, and final product performance data); and 2.) the development of wire and cable product specifications which focus on the control of variation. As a result of this work several new concepts have been developed which will affect the traditional approach to superconductor wire and cable production.


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  • Douglas A. Pollock
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  • Penny Baggett
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  • Donald CaponeII
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