Eddy-Current Technique for Sub-Surface Temperature Measurement in a Cast Steel Strand

  • Guy Williams


Temperature measurement is critical to the understanding and control of the solidification process in continuous steel casting. Many of the casting variables (for example, state, hot strength and ductility, microstructure) are strongly temperature dependant. A knowledge of temperature will also be required for energy management, particularly if further hot processing of the cast steel is to be performed. Although inferences can be drawn from mathematical modeling studies, direct measurement is required to validate these models, or to improve their accuracy, particularly if the models are used for process control. This paper describes work carried out at BHP MRL in the development and testing of an eddy current probe for the measurement of sub-surface temperature in continuously cast steel strand.


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  • Guy Williams
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  1. 1.BHP Melbourne Research LaboratoriesClaytonAustralia

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