Redox Reactions betweenTwo Metal Complexes

  • M. V. Twigg


The diversification of the investigations of the kinetics and mechanisms of electron transfer reactions between metal complexes is continuing. An increased interest in the reactions of heavier transition metals and the emergence of a clearer understanding of the kinetics and energetics of electron exchange and electron transfer in nonaqueous solution is observed. The format of this chapter remains much the same as in previous volumes, with sections covering metal aqua and oxo ions, metal ion complexes, and metalloproteins. The rate constants and activation parameters are presented in four tables, with the data for electron transfer reactions between metal complexes in Table 2.1, directly measured electron self-exchange rate data in Table 2.2, and the data for intramolecular and intermolecular reactions involving metalloproteins in Tables 2.3 and 2.4, respectively. The discussion in each section of the text and the data in the tables are arranged, for the most part, in the order of increasing atomic number of the central metal ion in the reductant.


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