Homogeneous Catalysis of Organic Reactions by Transition Metal Complexes

  • M. V. Twigg


The proceedings of a symposium on oxygen activation held at Texas A & M University, March 1987, have been published in a book, Oxygen Complexes and Oxygen Activation by Transition Metals(1) The abstracts of the 4th International Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis, held at Vancouver, July 1987, have appeared in a special issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2) ; they include contributions on chiral catalysis, carbonylations, oxidation-reduction reactions, and stereospecific cross-coupling reactions. A review on metal clusters in catalysis deals with homogeneous and heterogenized systems,(3) and another describes the hydroformylation, hydroesterification, hydrocarboxylation, and amidocarboxylation of fluoroolefins and fluoroalkyl halides.(4) Reviews have appeared to mark the appearance of Volume 50 of Journal of Molecular Catalysis, dealing with supported metals and supported organometallics,(5) and with the advantages and disadvantages of organometallic complexes as catalyst precursors, using mainly the nickel-catalyzed butene dimerization and ethylene oligomerization as examples.(6) Recent results on the mechanism of the FischerTropsch reaction based on (C5Me5)Rh complexes have been summarized.(7) The role of metal carbalkoxy complexes in the carbonylations of dienes and halides as well as the hydrogenation of CO has been discussed.(8)


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