Exotic Nuclear Spectroscopy—Remembrance of Past Futures

  • Wm. C. McHarris


Many of the developments presented in Exotic Nuclear Spectroscopy are realizations of dreams and goals of long ago. Radioactive beams, 4π high-multiplicity γ-ray spheres, on-line recoil mass spectrometers, nuclei ever further from stability, peculiar nuclear shapes and transitions, insight into details of nuclear structure unthought of several decades ago—all these are now being realized in nuclear spectroscopy. And theory is keeping pace with experiment—more elaborate shell-model calculations, partial details of the p-n residual interaction, successful group-theoretical models, feedback from quarks and elementary-particle theory into models of nuclear structure. It is an exciting time to be working in nuclear spectroscopy, for we are producing far-out but concrete results. In this summary chapter, I shall try to tie together some of the new findings and ideas presented in the book, relate some of these to “past futures,” and even make a few cautious predictions about the state of nuclear spectroscopy in future futures.


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