An update of Scandinavian studies of osteosarcoma

  • Inkeri Elomaa
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The total population of all Scandinavian countries is about 22 million. These countries have a similar social structure, a modern medical service covering all inhabitants, and an effective registration system for all cancer patients. Based on these similarities, the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group (SSG) was founded in 1979 with the intention of improving the prognosis for patients with sarcoma. In the first study period 1982–1989, a nonrandomized trial based on Rosen’s T10 protocol [1] for patients with operable osteosarcoma was used. Preliminary results have been published [2], and the complete data are currently under analysis. The second study, started in April 1990 and is based on the results and experience obtained from the preceding protocol and recent reports from other centres. This article gives an update of both trials. In addition, the Finnish 10-year results of osteosarcoma treatment are reviewed [3].


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