Quality Control of Radioiodinated Products

  • Mrinal K. Dewanjee
Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 21)


Structural alterations of labeled proteins and separation of free ligand have been studied by physicochemical properties such as electrophoretic mobility;[1] adsorption on hemoglobin-, dextran- , or plasma-coated charcoal;[2–4] cellulose powder, or silica;[5,6] and gel filtration. A rapid assessment of radioiodination damage to peptide hormones can be achieved by paper electrophoresis[1] (altered molecules have decreased mobility in the electrical field). Iodinated follicle stimulating hormone is not adsorbed on hemoglobin coated charcoal. In paper electrophoresis, the smaller anions (iodide, iodate, periodate) migrate rapidly toward the anode and run into the buffer. Short term electrophoresis is sufficient to separate these anions (Fig. 18–1).


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