Aspects of Cell Mediated Immunity in Monitoring Breast Cancer

  • Ursula Koldovsky
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 69)


The host immune response to transformed cells is an important factor in protection against the growing tumor. This defense mechanism should not be understood as a strict, well defined tumor specific response but rather as a regulatory instrument in the fight against transformed somatic cells. It goes beyond the limit of a discussion of cell mediated immunity in breast cancer to speak about the whole problematic of altered cell membrans and the quantitative and qualitative changes of surface antigens after malignant transformation. Since tumor cells have the property to be not always very different in the expression of their surface antigens from their normal counter cells the evaluation of the tumor immunological regulation mechanisms may turn out to be cumbersome. Straightforward answers are not easy to give to questions how the immune system works against the growing tumor. The situation is even more complicated, as some immune reactions can apparently faciliate the tumor growth. Nevertheless the simplified statement can be made that these surface changes on the tumorcells can induce an anticancer reaction of the patient.


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