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SDC Detector Foundation Requirements

  • Jeffrey L. Western
  • Martin W. Butalla


The Solenoidal Detector Collaboration (SDC) Detector weighs approximately 32,000 metric tons, and its ability to perform to design specifications is directly related to its internal alignment. The limits of the misalignment tolerance envelope in combination with the detector weight impose a set of tolerance limits of performance directly upon the foundation structure. The foundation must accommodate different detector loading conditions during installation, operation, maintenance, and future enhancements. The foundation must also respond to the loading conditions within a restrictive set of displacement limitations in order to maintain the detector’s critical alignment, thereby guaranteeing its operational integrity. This paper will present the results of this study, which has been issued to the Architect Engineer/ Construction Manager as user requirements of design. The total structural system performance of the combination of both the detector and its foundation will be discussed.


Load Case Foundation Performance Floor Slab Alignment System Concrete Foundation 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jeffrey L. Western
    • 1
  • Martin W. Butalla
    • 1
  1. 1.Superconducting Super Collider LaboratoryDallasUSA

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