Theoretical Implications of Precision Electroweak Data

  • G. Altarelli
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 29)


The main goal of LEP 1 is to perform precision tests of the standard electroweak theory[1] at the Z peak. Theoretical predictions in the Standard Model for all relevant observables have been developed in detail[2]. I refer the reader to my talks[3] at some recent conferences for concise summaries and for many relevant discussions that I will not repeat here. One starts from the Standard Model Lagrangian and a conveniently chosen set of input parameters. The interesting quantities are computed in perturbation theory. The lowest-order formulae plus one-loop radiative corrections[4], often improved by important renormalization group resummations, provide a sufficiently accurate approximation to match the precision of realistic experiments and to allow quite significant tests of the theory. For LEP physics, a self-imposing set of input parameters is given by αs, α, GF, mz, mf and mH. Clearly the Fermi coupling GF = 1.16637(22) × 10-5GeV-2 is conceptually more complicated than \({{\alpha }_{{weak}}} = \frac{{{{g}^{2}}}}{{4\pi }}\) (which would more naturally accompany α = 1/137.036 and αs) or sin2 θw or mw but is preferred for practical reasons because it is known with all the desirable accuracy. Similarly, mz has now been measured at LEP with remarkable precision. This preliminary task of LEP in view of precision tests of the Standard Model has already been accomplished to a nearly final degree of accuracy.


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