Quantum Transport in Small Structures

  • David K. Ferry
  • Robert O. Grondin
Part of the Microdevices book series (MDPF)


Nearly all of the transport that has been dealt with in treating devices has its conceptual basis in the Boltzmann transport equation. It is perhaps worthwhile at this point to actually summarize the various approximations and limitations that impact this equation. In general, transport processes are viewed on a coarse-grained time scale tτ c , τ m , etc., so that many completed, independent collisions occur in the passage of a carrier through the system. In addition, each collision is treated as an irreversible process which is completed prior to the next one, and is (a) local in space (collision spheres do not overlap in space), (b) local in time (instantaneous collisions), (c) independent of any driving fields or other scattering processes (no multiple scattering effects and no field acceleration during the collision), and (d) at low frequency.


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  • Robert O. Grondin
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