The Composition of “Scaling” on Seawater RO Membranes

  • G. Peplow
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 42)


The commissioning of the seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant at Ghar Lapsi, Malta, was a major asset for the production of drinking water for the Island. The feedwater, product and brine samples from the Plant, were analyzed periodically to monitor its initial performance.

The results indicated loss of product water flow and high salt passage which were somewhat higher than expected. The cleaning solutions used to regenerate the hollow fiber permeators were analyzed and found to contain trace metals, which are potential foulants.

Chemical tests on fouled membrane strands confirmed the presence of some trace metal deposits. An XRF analysis on some fouled membrane strands indicated the presence of other trace elements, namely, V, S, Al and Sr, but excluded the presence of Zn, Co, Mn, Ni and Cd which were part of the research programe.


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