Ion-selective electrodes

  • P. J. Potts


The ion-selective electrode represents a technique in electrochemistry in which the simple pH meter has been adapted to element-specific analytical applications. In a conventional pH meter, an electrode measures changes in the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution to determine its acidity/alkalinity. The ion-selective electrode carries out a similar function, except that the electrode is designed to respond to changes in the activity of specific ions in solution. Such electrodes are now available for a wide range of ions, including Na+, K+, Ca2+, NO3 -, Cl-, F-, S2-, etc. In geochemical analysis, the outstanding application is in the determination of fluoride ions. Indeed, due to the lack of any simple alternative, ion-selective electrodes now represent the standard instrumental technique for determining this element. They are, therefore, widely used, not least because of the importance of fluorine measurements in geochemical exploration and mineralization studies.


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Chapter 7

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