Wireless Communications

Volume 217 of the series The Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science pp 243-258

Adaptive Channel Allocation in Cellular Networks With Multi-User Platforms

  • Jelena F. VuceticAffiliated withGTE Laboratories Inc.
  • , Dragomir D. DimitrijevicAffiliated withGTE Laboratories Inc.

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This paper proposes a hardware solution to the efficient utilization of cellular networks with single-and multi-terminal platforms. In such networks, a mobile platform (e.g., an airplane) can carry more than one wireless terminal. A good utilization of available channels as a shared resource is important for quality and efficient communications in the network. In this paper, we propose the Integrated Channel Manager (ICM), an architecture for fast adaptive channel allocation. It is an integrated controller connected to the system bus within the network switch. Its main advantage is a fast allocation of available channels when a request for a call initialization or a hand-off exists. Its efficiency is achieved via channel allocation functions supported by a hardware with high degree of parallelism. The ICM supports both single and multiple hand-offs. It allows an efficient rejection of a call when the call cannot be supported. Thus, it reduces the processing overhead for rejected calls.