Light Reflections II

  • G. Feher
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At the last (1988) Cadarache meeting Jacques asked me to summarize the conference. Since we were all tired towards the end, he wanted me to do it with a light touch. I went overboard; it wasn’t really a summary but a collection of anecdotes and flippant remarks. Jacques subsequently asked me to write it up, which I did, and it was included in the Proceedings under the title “Light Reflections”. To my great surprise I received more favorable comments on that article than I did on any of the papers that I have published over the past 40 years. You can imagine the mixed feelings this elicited; did I perhaps pick the wrong profession? A few months ago Jacques asked me to give a “Light Reflections II” at this Cadarache meeting. I wrote him that I took a dim view of it, but would be willing to reconsider during the meeting. As the week of the meeting wore on and the number of lectures that were difficult to follow increased, I was leaning more and more towards giving one lecture that everybody could understand without too much effort. So yesterday I decided to give Light Reflections II and here I am.


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