An Authoring Environment for Training Simulators

  • H. Kuiper
  • A. F. Ambagtsheer
Part of the Defense Research Series book series (DRSS, volume 4)


This paper describes an authoring environment to compose lesson material for use with real-time training simulators. A prototype of this environment was realised in the beginning of 1991. The authoring environment is part of a Universal CAI System, that can cover the training process, as for instance tank-crew training or submarine-crew training, for several real-time training simulators. After explaining the context, the different aspects of the authoring environment will be dealt with. These aspects are among other things: breakdown of the course, general requirements, user-interface, modular design, flexibility and prototyping. The authoring environment is checked against the criteria mentioned by Park and Seidel concerning the evaluation of authoring systems. Finally some conclusions will be drawn and some suggestions for further improvement will be given.


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  • H. Kuiper
    • 1
  • A. F. Ambagtsheer
    • 1
  1. 1.TNO Physics and Electronics LaboratoryThe HagueThe Netherlands

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