DVI and System Integration: A Further Step in ICAI/IMS Technology

  • Gian Paolo Noja
Part of the Defense Research Series book series (DRSS, volume 4)


Fault detection and isolation, analysis, repair and replacement procedures for complex systems have traditionally demanded massive quantities of technical data. Typically, a maintenance technician requires more time to locate a repair procedure than in actually making the repair. Training needs to be adequate with the complexity of modern sophisticated military equipment.

In order to provide rapid, convenient access to vital information and present it in an easily followed and highly comprehensive series of text, repair or replacement steps and training procedures, the Gajon Institute of Technology has developed a high technological approach based on Integrated Computer Assisted Instruction (ICAI) and Integrated Maintenance System (IMS) which includes a network of student/maintainer stations, teacher/supervisor stations, processors, videodiscs, CD ROMs, bidirectional audio/video/ computer lines for teacher/supervisor control and audio/video/ digital data handling, with extensive use of fiber optics and local area networks.

The impact of this technology has shown a reduction of 50% of time both for training and maintenance, a comprehensive recording of all data, an attentive supervision of the human brain, and a considerable reduction of gap between training and maintenance.

Advancements in technologies such as DVI, Virtual Reality, Speech Recognition and Communications have further enhanced the application of ICAI/IMS with some interesting projections for the nineties.


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