Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus-Associated Chronic Liver Disease with ß-Interferon and Inosine Pranobex: Combination Schedule vs Monotherapies

  • Domenico Sansonno
  • Claudio Azzolini
  • Franco Dammacco


The recently identified hepatitis C virus (HCV)1 is responsible for almost 90% of cases of chronic post-transfusion non-A, non-B hepatitis and for more than 70% of sporadic cases2. Acute NANB hepatitis becomes chronic in 50% of cases3 and 20–30% of them progress to cirrhosis4.


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  • Domenico Sansonno
    • 1
  • Claudio Azzolini
    • 1
  • Franco Dammacco
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology Section of Internal Medicine and Clinical OncologyUniversity of Bari Medical SchoolBariItaly

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