Diet and Large Bowel Cancer

  • Jean Faivre
  • Marie-Christine Boutron
  • Valerie Quipourt
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 348)


Large bowel cancer is one of the most frequent cancers in western countries, thus representing a major health problem. It has been recently estimated in the European Community that the number of new cases was 135,000 each year (30). The prognosis of large bowel cancer remains poor with a 35% 5-year survival rate in population based statistics. Faced with this disquieting situation it seems most likely that primary or secondary prevention will be necessary to control the disease. There is a lot of evidence for attributing most of the differences in incidence between countries to environmental factors, in particular to dietary factors. Migrant studies and studies of religious subgroups with special dietary habits have given considerable support to this hypothesis. The challenge for researchers addressing the relationship between diet and large bowel cancer is to identify causative or protective factors. In this paper possible relationships that relate diet to large bowel carcinogenesis will be analyzed and the usefulness of these data to assist in control and prevention will be underlined.


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