Synthesis and Reaction Chemistry of Layered Oxides with Perovskite Related Structures

  • Allan J. Jacobson
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 305)


A large class of perovskite related oxides with layer structures can be represented by the general composition Mm[An-1BnO3n+1], where the contents of the brackets corresponds to the composition of the perovskite related layers and Mm represents either interlayer cations or a second type of metal oxide layer which regularly alternates with the perovskite layers. Compounds where B is niobium or a mixture of titanium and niobium, M is an alkali metal cation and m = 1, 2 can be synthesized for 2≤n≤7. The layer structures show both ion exchange and acid base intercalation chemistry which is independent of the layer thickness up to the maximum observed value of 22Å.


Alkali Metal Cation Intercalation Compound Layered Perovskite Interlayer Cation Terminal Oxygen Atom 
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