Metallurgy of Permanent Magnet Alloys: Recent Developments

  • L. Rabenberg


The recent rapid expansion of the array of compounds known to possess excellent intrinsic permanent magnet properties has not been matched by an equivalent growth in the ability to process these compounds into magnets having correspondingly high values of the microstructure-sensitive properties such as coercivity and energy product. Since the 1983 discovery of the ternary intermetallic compound, Nd2Fe14B, several other systems, including Sm(Fe,Ti)12, Nd2Fe14C, and Sm2Fe17N3-δ, have been proposed as hard magnet compounds, but none of these are currently being produced as finished magnets. The techniques for the control of the metallurgical development in these systems are simply not yet available. The principles governing the development of coercivity in permanent magnets are briefly reviewed, then several of these newly-proposed systems are examined with emphasis on their potential for the development of high coercive force microstructures.


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