Particle-Induced Electron Emission: Open Questions, Pitfalls, and a Few Attempts at Answers

  • Peter Sigmund
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 306)


This contribution addresses charged-particle-induced kinetic electron emission from solids in the classical geometry: An ion, electron, or positron beam hits a thick target, and the flux of electrons emitted from the bombarded surface is observed. Much available experimental information about this topic has been collected recently in two well-written reviews (Hofer, 1990; Hasselkamp, 1992). In addition, these papers also provide an overview over various attempts to arrive at a theoretical understanding. More theoreticallyoriented surveys are likewise available (Sigmund & Tougaard, 1981; Schou, 1988).


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  • Peter Sigmund
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