Electron Emission from Silicon Induced by Bombardment with Oxygen Ions

  • Ewa A Maydell
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 306)


A multitechnique SIMS-Auger instrument, described in detail elsewhere (Maydell et al, 1992), comprises of a complete Auger electron spectrometer incorporated into a quadrupole based secondary-ion mass spectrometer. The instrument uses ion-induced electron emission for ‘viewing’ the sample surface. The intensity of low-energy electrons generated by the primary ionbeam, which scans the sample surface at TV frequency, is displayed on a TV monitor in a way similar to the acquiring of a secondary-electron image with a scanning electron microscope. The intensity of electron emission depends on the degree of oxidation of the surface, as well as on the nature and energy of the primary ions.


Electron Emission Auger Electron Collision Cascade Excited Species Auger Peak 
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