The HyTime Base Module

  • Steven J. DeRose
  • David G. Durand


The Base module of HyTime includes syntactic parts used throughout the rest of HyTime, and is described in clause 6 of the standard. Many parts of it are best understood in relation to the other parts that use them, and these have already been explained. Among the constructs defined in the Base module are these:
  • HyTime concepts and terminology (already described)

  • the means for identifying a HyTime document and declaring needed options (already explained)

  • the particular HyTime options that turn capabilities of the Base module on and off

  • many common attributes that can apply to any HyTime element—because many of these are specialized features or optimization hints rather than additional capabilities, they require setting a corresponding option

  • a small number of architectural forms for elements needed to support the common attributes


Common Attribute Element Type Base Module Content Model Activity Tracking 
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