Differential Detection of Coded-Modulation Schemes on a Fading Channel

  • S. Hamidreza Jamali
  • Tho Le-Ngoc
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In the preceding chapters the performance of coded-modulation schemes was evaluated on fading channels. This evaluation considered the performance of coded schemes under the assumption of ideal coherent detection. Such an assumption neglects the effect of fading on the phase of the received signal and only reflects the performance degradation due to fading on the amplitude of the received signal. In this chapter we evaluate the performance of coded-modulation schemes on fading channel for differential detection technique. Although this technique degrades the performance of the system, it has a clear advantage over coherent detection in that it avoids the need for generating a carrier demodulation reference at the receiver.


Fading Channel Channel State Information Rayleigh Fading Channel Coherent Detection Differential Detection 
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