Human Bulbourethral and Urethral Glands

  • Francesca Testa-Riva
  • Alessandro Riva
  • Terenzio Congiu
  • Antonello De Lisa
  • Pietro M. Motta
Part of the Electron Microscopy in Biology and Medicine book series (EMBM, volume 11)


Studies on the fine structure of the bulbourethral glands have been restricted largely to animals [12,14,15,20,29,30,59,60]. A few works were carried out on human bulbourethral (BU) glands by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) [17, 38,43,45] and, more recently, two studies [42,44] were published by our group to correlate TEM with scanning electron microscopic (SEM) findings in order to describe the general configuration of this gland in man. Comparison of our results with those reported by the above authors has clearly shown that the human BU glands possess, like other human accessory sex organs [2,6,18,31,33, 41,43,45], some distinctive characteristics [44], even with regard to the more closely related species [29].


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  • Alessandro Riva
  • Terenzio Congiu
  • Antonello De Lisa
  • Pietro M. Motta

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