Advances in Cryogenic Engineering

Volume 39 of the series Advances in Cryogenic Engineering pp 375-380

Cryogenic System for the 45 Tesla Hybrid Magnet

  • S. W. Van SciverAffiliated withNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • , J. R. MillerAffiliated withNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • , S. WeltonAffiliated withNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • , H. J. Schneider-MuntauAffiliated withNational High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • , G. E. McIntoshAffiliated withCryogenic Technical Services, Inc.

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The 45 Tesla hybrid magnet system will consist of a 14 Tesla superconducting outsert magnet and a 31 Tesla water cooled insert. The magnet is planned for operation in early 1995 at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Its purpose is to provide the highest DC magnetic fields for the materials research community. The present paper discusses the overall design of the cryogenic system for the superconducting magnet. Unique features of this system include static 1.8 K pressurized He II as a coolant for the magnet and a refrigerated structural support system for load transfer during fault conditions. The system will consist of two connected cryostats. The magnet is contained within one cryostat which has a clear warm bore of 616 mm and is designed to be free of system interfaces and therefore minimize interference with the magnet user. A second supply cryostat provides the connections to the refrigeration system and magnet power supply. The magnet and supply cryostats are connected to each other through a horizontal services duct section. Issues to be discussed in the present paper include design and thermal analysis of the magnet system during cooldown and in steady state operation and overall cryogenic system design.