Packaging of biscuits

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AS biscuits are both fragile, and highly hygroscopic, they require protection from damage and from atmospheric spoilage. Historically, biscuits have been packed mainly in not quite square tins which hold about 8 lb biscuits. The rectangular shape permitted a wide range of biscuit sizes and shapes to be economically packed to a fairly standard weight. The biscuit tin was very convenient for packing, storage and transport, but the biscuits suffered in the shopkeepers’ hands when the lid was removed for serving or display purposes. The cost of the tin was quite low per pound of biscuits if re-used (after thorough washing and drying) for several journeys. However, with the development of more sophisticated packaging materials and machines, and the change in the consumer’s shopping methods, the biscuit tin in its 8-lb form is no longer frequently used. The prepacked unit of 6-8 oz is now the general rule. Tins are still widely used for speciality packs on a non-returnable basis, and these prove very popular as gifts in a wide range of sizes and designs, at Christmas time in particular.


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