Product Dimensional Metrology and Pattern Defect Inspection

  • Henri A. Khoury
  • Timothy R. Groves
  • Christian H. Plougonven


Non-destructive, on-line measurement and inspection of semiconductor products have become a very important process control function in the development and manufacturing of high density bipolar logic and memory array integrated circuit chips. Effective process control represents an essential factor in achieving higher yields, productivity and cost effectiveness in any manufacturing environment. One key way of achieving the process control objective is by integrating the collection, storage, analysis and display of measurement and inspection data at the work site. This approach helps the process engineer (1) better understand and identify the nature of an overall process problem or trend, (2) differentiate process from equipment performance problems, (3) implement corrective strategies traceable to problem sources, and (4) monitor and control process and tool critical parameters within upper and lower control limits from a mean target. Moreover, metrology and inspection functions are also important for determining process stability and establishing control baselines.


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  • Timothy R. Groves
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