A First Step for Semiconductor Quantum Device Modeling with Incoherent Scattering

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The general form of the Hamiltonian considered here is H = H 0+H pop+H IR where H 0 contains the kinetic energy, the effects of band structure, and the Hartree potential. The two terms to the right represent the potential felt by the electrons due to polar optical phonons and interface roughness, respectively. The scattering terms are included through self-energies. Further, H 0 = H o D * H o L * H o R, which represent the Hamiltonian of the device, the left contact, and the right contact, respectively. The effects of the left and right contacts, H o L * H o R, will also be taken into account through a self energy, ΣUB. The Hamiltonian matrix is written in terms of the basis \( \left \langle r|K,n \right \rangle=e^{ik\cdot r_t}\phi_{i}(z)/\sqrt{A} \) where k is the transverse wave vector, Фi. (z) is a localized (Wannier) function localized around site ‘i’, and ‘A’ is the cross sectional area. Only nearest neighbor matrix elements are retained.


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