Avoiding Amendment of the NPT

  • Charles N. Van Doren
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While the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is clearly indispensable to an effective nonproliferation regime, it is admittedly neither perfect nor self-sufficient. It has required, and will continue to require, periodic review by its parties to help ensure that it is being duly implemented and that its objectives are being fulfilled. It has been, and can continue to be, clarified, implemented, supplemented, complemented, and enforced without resort to its amendment procedure.


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Notes and References

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    There was considerable parliamentary opposition to ratification of the NPT in some states, such as Germany, Japan, and Switzerland, which was overcome with considerable difficulty.Google Scholar
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    The interval between signature and ratification of the NPT was 6 years in the case of Japan and the EURATOM countries, 9 years in the case of Indonesia, 11 years in the case of Turkey, and 13 years in the case of Egypt.Google Scholar

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