Miniworkshop on Strangeness

  • Johann Rafelski
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 346)


Among the diverse hadronic observables, strange particles and in particular multi-strange antibaryons have emerged in recent years as being very promising probes of the physical properties of the hot hadronic matter formed in relativistic nuclear collisions. A number of experiments has been gathering data at the CERN SPS 200 GeV A beam and the BNL 15 GeV A beams, and there is interesting evidence for new physics emerging from some of these results. This discussion, in an unconventional way, precedes the individual contributions. The intend was to offer a colorful introduction to the uninvolved with little individual bias.


Chemical Equilibrium Excitation Function Strange Quark Strange Particle Strangeness Production 
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