New Zealand’s Monitoring System for Tobacco Control 1984–92

  • Murray Laugesen


Aim. To describe the tobacco control monitoring and information system used in New Zealand 1984-1992.

Data sources and method. Obtained at no cost: Excise sales data, household survey data, income and price indices, costliness index, past Census prevalence data.

Other agencies Opinion polls, shop signs survey.

Purchased: Weekly supermarket sales, smoking prevalence surveys, advertising expenditure data.

Researched from library files: Televised sponsorship trends, magazine cigarette advertising versus smoking risks stories; news item counts, log of price rises.

Commissioned: Surveys of teenage smoking, public’s exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Epidemiological mortality estimates.

By law: Tobacco use, tar yields, additives list.

Interventions. The data, not particularly costly, were analysed and used to inform the media, develop policy, brief politicians, provide copy for newsletters, and draft government reports before legislation.

Results. Between 1984 and 1992, consumption per adult fell 42 percent and smoking prevalence from 32 to 27 percent. In 1990 the Smoke-free Environments Act was passed, banning tobacco advertising and restricting smoking at work, in shops, transport and other enclosed public places.


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