Surface Brillouin Scattering—Extending Surface Wave Measurements to 20 GHz

  • P. Mutti
  • C. E. Bottani
  • G. Ghislotti
  • M. Beghi
  • G. A. D. Briggs
  • J. R. Sandercock
Part of the Advances in Acoustic Microscopy book series (AAMI, volume 1)


Brillouin light scattering is generally referred to as the inelastic scattering of an incident optical wave field by thermally excited elastic waves (elastic waves of thermal origin are usually called acoustic phonons) in a sample. This subject was first investigated early in the century by Brillouin(1) and Mandelshtam(2) in the case of scattering from transparent materials. Since the advent of the laser as a powerful source of monochromatic light, Brillouin scattering has received considerable interest for characterizing elastic and optoelastic bulk properties of materials.3,4 More recently with the introduction of high-contrast spectrometers,(5) scattering from opaque materials can be studied, thereby permitting considerable advances in the study of surface acoustic waves in solids. In the last decade, Brillouin scattering from surfaces, more often called surface Brillouin scattering (SBS), has been widely used to investigate elastic properties of thin films, interfaces, and layered materials.


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