Integrated Models in Production Planning, Inventory, Quality, and Maintenance

pp 245-275

Improving and Maintaining Process Profitability

  • Elart von CollaniAffiliated withInstitut fur Angewandte Mathematik und Statistik
  • , Gudrun KiesmüllerAffiliated withFaculty of Technology Management, Eindhoven University of Technology

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The profitability of a production process may suffer from disturbances and, under certain circumstances, from inappropriate process adjustment, which may lead to either inferior quality of the output or to process failure. In order to reach and keep profitability on a high level, various actions such as adjustments, sampling, inspections, different level of repairs, replacements, and renewals are undertaken according to process monitoring policies and maintenance policies, respectively. Each of the two policies consists of rules about which action should be undertaken in which situation. Generally, the policies are designed and implemented independently; although, their efficiency is mutually dependent. Moreover, the policies are selected either heuristically or according to criteria which reflect only implicitly the overall aim, process profitability. In this paper, an integrated approach is developed which enables an objective-oriented joint design of monitoring and maintenance policies.


Production process process control homogeneous poisson process profitability