Consumer Awareness of Print Advertisements

  • Gianluigi Guido


In this last chapter, we propose a research design aimed at assessing the validity of the In-salience hypothesis in stimulating consumer information processing which, in turn, results in consumer awareness. Since the in-salience model is a general model which could be validated with any kind of marketing stimuli (products, ads, salespersons, etc.), it was necessary to choose -preliminarily - a limited setting for an operative testing of its propositions. Drawing on research on brand personalities as consumers’ schemata (Caprara and Barbaranelli 1996, 2000; Caprara, Barbaranelli, and Guido 1998b; Caprara, Barbaranelli, and Guido, forthcoming/ab), we determined to assess consumer awareness for in-salient print ads. Specifically, consumer awareness was tested in terms of ad message recall by manipulating in-salience of ad claims for three major branded products.1


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