Growth Hormone and Exercise Performance

  • William B. Wehrenberg
  • Lisa K. Conley
  • Filippo Manelli
  • Andrea Giustina
Part of the Endocrine Updates book series (ENDO, volume 9)


Growth hormone (GH) is a potent anabolic and lipolityc agent that also affects carbohydrate metabolism (1). The anabolic actions of GH are evident in GH deficient children who start to grow rapidly when GH is administered (2). In adults the anabolic nature of GH is dramatically exhibited by patients with acromegaly, and indirectly by subjects with GH deficiency (GHD) (3,4). The exercise is an important factor, as well as age, gender and nutrition, that regulates GH secretion (5). Therefore, it should be of no surprise that GH, and its tissue mediator IGF-I, in turn appear to have important roles in the physiologic response to exercise. No where is this latter notion better supported than in exercise-related studies conducted in individuals who exhibit altered GH tone. We now turn our attention to the effects of elevated and decreased circulating GH concentrations on exercise performance and to the effects of GH replacement or supplementation on exercise performance in GHD and in normal subjects.


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