Fuzzy Sets

  • Jaroslav Ramík
  • Milan Vlach
Part of the International Series in Operations Research & Management Science book series (ISOR, volume 41)


A well known fact in the theory of sets is that properties of subsets of a given set X and their mutual relations can be studied by means of their characteristic functions, see, e.g., [11], [32] and [57]. While this may be advantageous in some contexts, we should notice that the notion of a characteristic function is more complex than the notion of a subset. Indeed, the characteristic function χA of a subset A of X is defined by [EQ139-1] Since χA is a function we need not only the underlying set X and its subset A but also one additional set, in this case the set {0, 1} or any other two-element set. Moreover, we also need the notion of Cartesian product because functions are specially structured binary relations, in this case special subsets of X × {0, 1}.


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